Google is getting ready to begin sending refunds to those who have purchased something through Google Offers and never redeemed the deal. Whether you simply forgot to use the offer or you weren’t able to take advantage before the expiration date — you will want to be on the lookout for an email from Google. It seems these emails have already begun showing up and Google is offering users a few options to consider.

The refunds are expected to begin arriving as of October 7th and those who are eligible will be able to choose between getting a refund or taking the money back in the form of a Play Store credit. Those opting for the refund will have the easier route. In this case you can just sit back and wait for the money to arrive on the card that was originally used for payment.

Those opting for the Play Store credit will have to make it known this is the route they are taking. While this is nothing but a simple step to acknowledge, Google will be giving a small bonus along with the initial amount you spent. The folks over at Droid-Life have received an email from Google and happened to have $9 in unclaimed offers. If they opt for the Play Store credit, Google will give that $9 along with a $2 bonus making for a total of $11 that can be spent on apps (or other Play Store goodies).

That all being said, while Google is currently refunding these unused Offers, this also goes along with some other recent changes to how this all works. Moving forward you will not have to purchase Google Offers in advance. Users will now be able to see and also redeem these offers directly from their phone.

Anyway, those curious about whether they have any unused offers will be able to check using the recently update Google Wallet app. Just launch the app and tap the side menu icon (in the upper left) and choose the option for Offers. From here, tap the drop down menu from above and click on Used & expired offers. Of course, as this is something coming from Google (as opposed to being able to request), it may be easier to just keep an eye on your inbox.