Google Workspace 2022

In case you missed it, G Suite has been rebranded to Google Workspace. That happened in October 2020. G Suite is still being used but only as the legacy free edition. It’s for those who want to keep using G Suite and don’t want to upgrade to a Google Workspace. The free edition works but only offers an incomplete set of features. But soon, you may need to really let go of G Suite and move to Google Workspace. The tech giant just announced they will be transitioning to Google Workspace further beginning May 1. The free edition of the G Suite will only be available until July 1, 2022.

Upgrade to Google Workspace subscription now. It won’t affect your service or data. You can actually update straight from the G Suite legacy free edition. Feel free to utilize the Data Export tool. This can make exporting of your organization’s data easier and faster.

You can unlock other premium features with Google Workspace. Support and access are offered 24/7 even to premium collaboration, as well as, security features if part of your plan whether Business Starter, Business Standard, or Enterprise Standard.

If you’ve decided to use Google Workspace. You need to choose your subscription depending on the services you need and the number of users. Note that major services part of the G Suite legacy free edition will be available like Google Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Chat, and Meet.

To choose the type of plan, you need consider many things like the features you currently use, the number of users, features you want to use in the future, and billing. Google Workspace Business edition can accommodate up to 300 users. For over 300, you may need to avail of the Enterprise edition.

Non-profit organizations and schools can available of a discount. Just update the plan to Education or Nonprofits edition to enjoy the benefits.