Google Meet

So many good things to celebrate about Google Meet. If you’re a fan of the meeting room/video conference app from the tech giant, you will be happy to know about the latest update. Google Meet is getting new safety and collaboration features according to Google Meet Group Product Manager Samir Pradhan. The timing is right as school just started and teachers need more help in managing their online classes. You see, this year has shaken even education. With people being encouraged to stay at home, students and teachers are now doing online classes until the world is safer.

Google Meet has new features like a digital whiteboard with Jamboard. The latter is an old product from Google introduced four years ago as a cloud-first whiteboard. It can be used now during Meet lessons as an interactive whiteboard so students can easily understand the lessons.

Teachers can prepare their digital whiteboard before the classes. The Jamboard can even be shared by the whole class so they edit and collaborate on ideas and solutions when needed.

The G Suite Enterprise for Education customers will have Attendance Reports so teachers won’t have to do it manually. The system will just automatically show a report who joined, email information, and length of time a participant was in a call. Admin controls will be added in the future that will let teachers enable/disable attendance reports and host controls.

Breakout Rooms are now allowed for G Suite Enterprise for Education customers. This means teachers can split students into groups or “rooms” for small group discussions within Google Meet. Other special features include Q&A where students can ask questions and Polling. Google Meet for educators is also getting a Quick access toggle, new meeting controls, blur background in meetings for Chrome OS, and a larger tile view of up to 49 participants only.