It looks like Google had more than just a brand new overhauled Gmail to share with the Android world today. They’ve also started pushing out a slight update to their Play Store and it’s arriving on users devices as we speak. Sadly it is just a minor update but we have the download available after the break.

It’s a staged rollout and so far we’re only seeing one of many of our devices that have already received the new Play Store. You all should be receiving it starting today and over the next few days as well. This is the last of many updates lately since Google radically changed the Play Store design earlier this year, but they all look to only be fixing a few pesky bugs.

It is a small jump from 4.1.6 to v4.1.10 and so far we’re actually not noticing anything different one bit. The usual placebo effect is working hard on us today because it feels quite a bit faster and a little more responsive, but that’s probably just our minds enjoying the fresh new version.

As usual the update from Mountain View is staged and should be hitting your smartphone and tablet momentarily. However, for those who’d rather not wait just hit the download link below and get the latest version yourself. Give it a try and let us know if you notice anything new or different. Oh and for those wondering it still only shows “All Apps” and not a purchased list. Sadness.

Download: Play Store v4.1.10