We have very slowly been getting bits and pieces of Google’s new Project Glass augmented reality glasses. Remember when Larry Page snapped a photo and used a trackpad on the right side of the device to do some gestures, well today we’ve learned more on how this all could work. This week the US Patent and Trademark Office released details on some new patent they’ve granted regarding the trackpad.

The trackpad is located on the side of the device, as shown in the image above but you’d never tell from looking at it. We’ve seen a few videos where users have relied on that to clear notifications and such but the image below should shed new light on a few of the operations and UI options we’ll have at our disposal with Google Glass.

Obviously everything won’t be completely voice controlled, nor do you always want to be talking to yourself. With the patent details we can see scanning through emails and scrolling features, enabling and disabling options such as flash (we didn’t even know it would have a camera flash) and more. It looks like this was all filed a while back, but today the USPTO gave it the go ahead and approved the patents. Good news for Google. I can’t wait to see more and hopefully Google will give us a tease or demonstration at Google I/O next week.

[via Engadget]