Google Podcasts Hands-on

The Google Podcasts app is finally here and ready to download from the Play Store. After months of hints and speculations, the tech giant has decided to roll out the official app for Android. As we mentioned earlier, it is simply the standalone version of the podcast feature found within the Google app. The company has been updating the Google app the past few months before this update release. We didn’t expect a separate app but as with most Google-developed apps, we welcome Google Podcasts with open arms.

Google’s new podcast strategy is expected to make Android devices more friendly. Google used to just show podcasts and live TV listings but now they can be previewed on another app. Of course, the TV listings are not included but inside the Google Podcasts app, you will see not just dozens, hundreds, or thousands but millions of podcasts ranging from different topics for everyone.

The app should be ready on the Play Store but for some reason, we didn’t see it at the time when we’re about to download and install. A simple Google search lead us to the Play Store web page on a browser:

Before anything else, here’s how the Google Podcasts app icon will appear on your home screen:

There are top podcasts ready to be listened to from these major categories: News & Politics, Sports & Recreation, Religion & Spirituality, and the Arts. Scroll through the right of each each category to reveal a carousel of podcasts to choose from.

These categories appear to be too general but we’re hoping the tech giant will include more specific categories in the future.

Since most people we know are going crazy about the 2018 World Cup, we chose the ‘Football Weekly’ podcast by The Guardian.

Click on the podcast icon and you can see more information. There’s the name of the podcast, source, Subscribe button, information, and available episodes. Scroll down further to see more episodes.

Under the ‘Available episodes’ list, you see the title of each podcast, when it was uploaded, and the duration. Click on the round play button to start listening to the podcast. The page looks like this now:


How to Subscribe and Play Podcast

To subscribe, click on the +Subscribe pill button which turns blue once subscribed. You can see your subscriptions by clicking the Google Podcasts logo found on the upper left side of the screen. Click on it and you see a page containing icons of all your subscriptions.

You can see these tabs: New Episodes, In Progress, and Downloads. Inside this page, you can play an episode right away.

The Downloads tab may show all downloaded episodes. In our case, we haven’t downloaded any episode yet.

Google Podcasts Menu

Further up on the right, you can see a three-vertical dot button that opens a quick menu. Options include Edit your podcasts, Settings, and Send app feedback. 

Feel free to edit your podcasts. (Read: delete)

View Settings where you can remove completed episodes and delete unfinished episodes. You can set a schedule when they can be automatically removed–after 24 hours or after 30 days.

Send feedback to Android developers to help improve the app. You are encouraged to include screenshot and logs.

Download Google Podcasts from the Google Play Store