Google Play Store Subscription Service Play Pass

Nothing formal or official yet but Google is believed to be introducing a new subscription service. Known this early as Play Pass, this thing could be a nice addition to the Play Store. The latter is used every day and is popular because it is one of the most common ways through which we can download a mobile app. The Google Play Store receives app updates with the last one related to a “Play Points” loyalty program, cryptocurrency mining apps being banned, and the introduction of the Google Play Subscription Center.

Google Play Points program is initially available in Japan. Play Pass could be the next update and its something many within the Android community will love.

A paid subscription service in Google Play sounds promising. It’s one convenient change we want to try soon. Google or Android isn’t making an announcement but there are some hints within Google Opinion Rewards.

Apparently, there are questions that pertain to an unknown app that offers a “subscription that offers hundreds of dollars worth of paid apps and games for a monthly fee”. It could be the Play Pass subscription service we heard of a few months ago. Let’s wait and see for more details, hints, or the official announcement.

VIA: XDA Developers