The Google Play Store app is believed to be getting another round of updates. We’re guessing this will come before the apps and games being separate sections. The company has been testing new search suggestions on the app, hoping to improve the way people use it and look for new apps and games. Some Android users are reportedly  seeing a new UI element that shows additions to a particular keyword. It’s like seeing search suggestions when you’re using Google but this one really is different from suggestions that expand right from the bar.

Google is said to suggest additions to a search term . It’s similar to doing Google Image search but only for “specificity”. Search giant Google could only be testing this feature on select Play Store users and devices, at least, for now. We’re curious how soon Google will roll the feature and offer it to the whole Android community.

Nothing is certain yet about this change and improvement but we know Google is testing it for the near future. User engagement is important so we’ll see if and when Google will be able to achieve its goal. Release is limited but we hope to see this update to be ready for more users in time for the holidays.

VIA: Android Police