After previous leaks, today Google went ahead and announced and released the all-new Google Play Store version 4. This morning they confirmed the new Play Store was real and coming soon, and stated it would be rolling out in the coming days and weeks. Obviously we’ve already posted the download files, but below you’ll get a hands-on look at what is new, how it looks on a tablet, and a comparison with the old version.

We decided a quick hands-on video showing off the awesome new design, the new features, how it looks on tablets and more was in order. So if you haven’t downloaded and updated yet, here’s how it looks and what it’s all about. Aside from the obvious, the user interface is extremely different and much cleaner. We’re huge fans of the card style layout here.

Google Now introduced the current card style design we currently are loving with the new Play Store, and the same goes for the new mini-menus. The three little dots are actionable and are extremely helpful. First off the entire user interface is very clean, sleek, and simple. Everything’s a bit more uniform if you ask us, and beautifully laid out with larger HD images. The suggestions tab is great too. You should all check that out. Instead of explaining it all, take a peek at our hands-on below.

The new card style layout and menus are extremely helpful as we showed in the video. If you want to download an app, song, or game you no longer have to leave the list of apps to install it. I hated always losing my spot while searching through the store. While the 3 little dots can be hard to hit at times, tap them and you can instantly install an app without leaving your place, or even open an app right from the Play Store.

I’m also enjoying the fact that we don’t have the little checkbox for auto-update anymore. Instead that is in settings rather than on every single download page. We’re a bit curious how Google plans to implement the auto-add widgets option, especially for multiple sized widgets, but we’ll be testing that out soon.


Obviously there’s no new content but it’s the delivery, look, and feel that’s all-new and severely improved here. Again get the latest Google Play Store that was released earlier today right now by clicking here! What do you guys think of the new Store and design?