We got a bit of look at the updated Google Play Store release earlier in the week. This one was arriving as v4.4, specifically, v4.4.21. At the time the apk had been leaked for those who were comfortably with sideloading. As of today however, there appears to be a good news for those who had a bit more patience — the update has begun rolling out.

We are seeing the update hit some devices here in the office, but not all just yet. It still seems hit or miss and there isn’t any method of forcing the update. Well, short of going back to earlier in the week and sideloading the apk. While we have yet to see a full list of changes and tweaks from Google, we can say there is one noticeable difference.

Google has changed the navigation. Gone is the menu access in the upper right hand corner. And for those sporting something Samsung branded, hitting the menu button on the bottom left will reveal a bit less. Hitting the menu button on a Samsung device previously offered access to the My Apps section, but moving forward you will only see options for Settings and Help.

Regardless of the device you have, you will now want to look towards the upper left. The Play Store now has a slide-out menu coming from the left. You can swipe to the right (from the left) or tap the three-line icon — they each do the same and bring the navigation panel with access to the Store Home, My Apps, My Wishlist and Redeem.

In addition, those with multiple accounts will also notice a drop down arrow sitting to the right of their name and email address. That all being said, those who have yet to get the update over-the-air and now feel the need to have it immediately, you can hit up our earlier post which has links to download the apk.