If you’re into side-loading apps, and interested in the new Play Store, this one is for you. Android Police have mirrored the Play Store 4.4 release, and have it available for download. As the story unfolds, not much is known yet, but this is fresh news so we expect to see more as the days go by.

As noted previously, we’ll get the gesture-based menu navigation. Rather than a drop-down, the new Play Store will get the slide-out navigation we see with so many other Google apps like GMail. A welcome change, and it brings the Play Store closer to center in regard to design guidelines.

The newest Play Store also features a lot of the Newsstand language we’ve heard about, as well as the new icon for Newsstand. While this service is not yet available, we look for it to launch on the 24th, when Google is holding their Play Store event in New York City.

Again, it’s all very new and not technically official, but worth a shot if you’re comfortable doing so. Android Police has made it available via a mirror download, so grab it while you can!



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