We reported just a few days ago that Google has started to push out an update to its Play Store Android app that brought in some usability changes. We’ve also provided a download link for those who were eager to try it out at once. For those who’ve been more cautious and have decided to hold out, the wait is now over as the 4.3.10 update finally hits devices.

Here’s a recap for those who missed that coverage. The new version of the Play Store doesn’t bring a complete overhaul to the interface but makes some changes to improve usability. The biggest of these is the Recently updated section on the Installed apps list, which lets you review which apps were updated instead of having to comb through the alphabetical list of all installed apps.

Another usability tweak is that notifications are all lumped into one entry. Now you won’t be seeing one entry for each and every updated app. You can still view which ones were updated using the Recently updated section mentioned earlier. There are other changes as well, but they’re quite minor compared to these two and may not even be available in some markets.

The update has finally started to reach devices and some users reported already using the updated version. The update requires no approval or user interaction and takes place automatically in the background, which may make the Play Store app start up slower when it happens.