Google has just announced the rollout of version 6.1 of its Google Play Services collection. While the release is mainly targeted at developers as always, it does give us hints at what users can expect to come when developers start using them in their apps.

Perhaps one of the most notable news in this update is a refresh of the Google Fit developer preview. Fit is Google’s consolidated health and fitness system for Android as well as Android Wear, easing the workload of developers when trying to create fitness apps that will integrate with devices, especially smartwatches. Last August, Google released the first Preview SDK for Google Fit, which came with updated Android L developer preview images and it will most likely be the same this time.

Both Analytics and Google Drive have been updated with enhanced API. In particular, Google Drive’s new Completion Events feature will let developers get a better handle when events take place on the server, allowing them to more easily and more quickly take care of conflicts, in case of multiple simultaneous actions done on the same file, for example. What end users are most likely to see, however, is the redesigned File Picker, Recents, and Starred views, now all basking in Material Design goodness.

Related to Material Design but not yet official, Google Play Store 5.0 might soon get yet another facelift. The changes, however, will be somewhat minor and is mostly concentrated on the application of a new color scheme and layout that matches Material Design more closely. There are also clues that new Google Play app icons are coming soon, with a flatter look that is, again, more in line with the next Android L aesthetic. No definite word yet on when this new version of Google Play Store will land.


SOURCE: Google
VIA: Android Police