The new Remix OS 2.0 for Mac and PC is out and most of you are probably excited to run Android apps on your desktop or laptop computer. We said there may be limitations but at least we know those apps are not just limited to be enjoyed on a smartphone or a mobile device. Special thanks to the Jide Remix team and the Android-x86 project for making this one possible.

And to further enhance the whole Android experience on a personal computer, you can now install Google Play Services on the Remix platform. The news was shared over on Reddit, complete with a link to the GMSInstaller APK.

It’s easy to install Google Play Services, simply run the APK file after download. Choose “One-click to install Google Services” to download Google Play Services automatically. It’s that easy and convenient but as with most hacks, mods, and installations, we’re saying–DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Some bugs may be encountered as reported by others who successfully downloaded and installed the APK so watch out for them. Others have also reported a problem with Internet connection but a simple restart fixed it. Others may also need to clear data for the Google Play Services and Google Services Framework for the APK to work.

Download GMSInstaller APK

VIA: Reddit