The new version of Google Play Services will help you build better apps, or at least that’s what Google’s plan is as they release an addendum to version 6 of Google Play Services. Included in the new batch of APIs will be new entry points from apps for Google Drive, Google Maps, a new button for Google Wallet, and an invitation for app builders to use Google Fit.

App developers can now tell their apps very specific commands when uploading data to Google Drive – ideally, that would be when battery levels are optimum and when connected to a WiFi network. Apps can now be told not to upload data when these circumstances are not met to save on power and data.

Apps can now also use a “lite mode” of Google Maps, where the map will be confined to a smaller area – like a town or a specific area of a town where you want your app to focus on – but still have all the features and functionalities of the real Google Maps app.

We’ve discussed before that the Google Wallet API will be getting a new “Donate with Google” button, and that Google is also putting a bit of pressure to app developers out there to make apps utilizing the Google Fit API which was launched in October.