Android development is on the verge of rolling out Google Play services 6.5, an update that will bring a lot of new APIs for developers to work with. It seems like Google is making it easier for app developers to integrate more of Google into their apps.

For start off, developers are set to see more flexibility from Google Maps. The new API now offers a map toolbar to allow users to open Maps from other apps and immediately get directions or turn-by-turn navigation to a selected marker. If you’re a business owner, this could help potential customers find your place much more quickly.

GMS - Release Blog Nacho - Map Toolbar

Other features include custom file properties to Google Drive files which developers can use to save information with files that other apps can access, a “Donate with Google” button in the Google Wallet API, and the addition of support for the Google Fit SDK (which is, Google’s fitness software).

All in all a pretty hefty update for Google Play services. The Android development team is saying that the update should roll out within a few days or so.

SOURCE: Android Developers



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