Back in April, we noted that Google would be joining the AMP bandwagon and the News app got optimized immediately. After a couple of months, Google is bringing the same experience to the Google Play Newsstand. Some of you may not even care that this is happening because you don’t access Newsstand but this development means Google is making every effort to enhance the platform. Millions of people who still “read” magazines and newspapers and even the publishers will appreciate the Newsstand being “AMPlified”.

Google Play Newsstand’s getting AMP support follows the earlier effort for the News app to be optimized. The Newsstand already helps many people and content publishers but this will further advance the platform not only or Android but also for iOS. If you are a publisher, you’d be happy to know that your AMP pages will be set as default.

You can set the preferred format on the Google Play Newsstand Producer. With this publisher management portal, anyone can have more visual control of his content. The publisher can optimize the material for mobile viewing so its faster to load for the convenience of the readers.

AMP’s rollout in apps is expected to level up user experience so watch out for better viewing. Any content and materials AMP rendered are preferred by most people now because they are quick to load and navigation. Hopefully, there’s no more loading and waiting time because data should load at once. As along as there is an AMP version, it will load automatically everywhere it’s opened and will show as an AMP.

VIA: amphtml