Some important changes have been made recently to Google Play Music—podcasts are coming. Nope, that’s not a rumor. That information we shared to you a few months ago about podcasts playing soon, it’s finally happening. No need to wait that long because by April 18, you’ll be able to see podcasts listed on Google Play Music. Get ready to hear interesting audio content from popular podcasters and Internet celebrities.

Google has not made an formal announcement yet again except for the announcement last October but the National Public Radio (NPR) posted recently on its website that the Internet giant will be launching the podcasts inside Google Play Music. We’re curious to know why it took Google this long to add the podcast section but that’s pointless now because the feature is almost here.

NPR noted that this particular news must not be promoted or shared until the day of launch but you know, you can’t keep a secret in this day and age especially in the Internet. Google Play Music getting podcasts makes it a closer rival of Apple Music. These two have been fighting head-to-head but looks like nobody is winning yet. NPR even said that radio stations can add their podcasts to the platform and posted a link to the instructions. Page isn’t accessible to the public but this news can be exciting to those who enjoy listening to Internet radio stations or podcasts.

The Podcast feature on Google Play Music has been in beta testing phase for months now so most major bugs are expected to be gone in time for the commercial launch. Most recent update includes improvements on search and communications. Search results are more relevant and more targeted now and communications around payments or credit card transactions have been improved.

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VIA: Android Police