Just a couple of months after they clarified issues regarding the deauthorization rules and device limits on its Play Music, it seems that Google might have backtracked once again. Several users have reported that they have been able to deauthorize their devices beyond the limit set by Google just last August. No word yet if this is a “final ruling” or if they are just experimenting with regards to the limits set on devices that are authorized or deauthorized to use Play Music.

Just last August, Google set a limit of up to four deauthorizations every year, even though they still maintained that you can authorize up to ten devices for your Google Play Music account. But several staffers from Android Central noticed that they were able to go beyond that limit as of today. The web interface reportedly gave extra four “slots” while the apps on both Android and iOS gave out limitless deauthorizations. Again, we aren’t sure if this is a new rule or if someone made a mistake and pushed a button that shouldn’t be pushed.

It might seem like a trivial problem for some (who wants to go through that whole authorization/deauthorization process several times anyways?) but for those who use multiple devices or those who change Android gadgets often or those who share devices and Google Play Music accounts with family members, it is a big deal. The policy on the Play Music site still says that you are allowed only four deauthorizations per year, so it just might really be a software glitch.

But if you’re one of those who was moaning about the policy change last August, now is your chance to deauthorize old Android devices from your Play Music account. (And you better do it quickly in case it was really just an error.) Just go to the app’s settings, click on General and My Devices and un-check those that you don’t want using your Play Music account anymore.

VIA: Android Central