Google has released new rules regarding Play Music’s device limits and deauthorisation rules and it’s causing quite a bit of confusion (and sometimes anger) among users. The folks over at SlashGear talked to a representative from Google Play to clarify some issues regarding the rules about how many devices can use one Play Music account, a problem that might seem rare, but is actually a real one for users that multiple gadgets to access it.

Nothing much has changed regarding how many devices you can use. You are still allowed to authorise up to ten devices, which include smartphones and tablets, but not desktops since normally you use a web browser to listen to Play Music. What has changed now, implemented since last week, is that your are only allowed to deauthorize up to four devices a year. If you cycle through several ones in a span of a year or if you are a family that’s using one Play Music account, then that would become a problem.

Google Play Music All Access subscribers can listen to unlimited music on up to four mobile devices.

The representative said that the IMEI number on your device is the one used in the authorization process. Even if you do a hard reset or you flash your device’s ROM, this will not change Play Music’s authorization of your phone or tablet. The policy is also retroactive, so meaning even if it was just implemented last week, if you’ve already deauthorized 3 gadgets earlier this year, then you’re left with just one more for the rest of the year.

Maybe it’s not something that will concern you so much, unless you have several devices all at one time. But as with all other policies from apps and services, it’s always good to know what you’re dealing with.

VIA: SlashGear