Google Play Movies & TV

The Play Movies & TV app for Android has just received an update from Google. The official file isn’t ready yet on the Play Store but there is the APK for you to download and install. The last we’ve heard about this entertainment app was in December when it received 4K Ultra HD support and hit VR and 2016 Samsung TVs. This app usually gets enhancements once the new Android platform is ready but for this year, Google Play Movies & TV will be getting them earlier than usual. The new APIs appear to be ready for development and testing now.

Some apps developed by Google are said to have the new features such as Notification Channels. As for the Play Movies & TV, this one will include the very useful Picture-in-Picture Mode. This feature has been recently available in Duo and YouTube and we’re glad to see it on a major app that is widely used by the Android community.

For those on Android O Developer Preview, you may already know that this feature can be activated by a custom button. This one is usually added to the nav bar through the System UI Tuner but in the near future, this picture-in-picture mode should be easily activated just by clicking on the home button. It’s not final yet so we can expect Google to make further improvements to the system.

Download Google Play Movies & TV 3.26.5 from APK MIRROR | Google Play Movies & TV from the Google Play Store

VIA: Android Police