This week the folks from Google have been on a roll with software updates. After having a pretty mild Google I/O that was aimed at developers, we’re now seeing updates to many of their key applications for Android. Today Google Play Magazines has received a much needed update to the UI, which also brings it up to speed with Google Music and other recently updated apps.

Basically we knew this was coming, it was only a matter of time, and now Play Magazines looks as good as it should. Gone is that goofy and terrible UI they had before. Now we have the same stunning and visually refreshing card style layout we’re use to with Google Now, and even the new Google Music. If you’re a magazine reader, check it out.

This same update also recently rolled out to Play Music for tablets, as well as Google Books, and we like what we’re seeing. For Google to be updating so many key areas with visual improvements without needing to update their OS is nice, although we have a feeling Android 4.3 is still coming soon.

Today’s update for Magazines will take you to version 2.0.0 with a completely redone and overhauled user interface. Sadly Google only focused on the UI and not in adding new features. We still can’t bookmark areas on our magazines, copy and paste a quote we read or anything else. It’s only for reading, and that’s all. Hopefully more features come soon, but for now enjoy the new UI from the link below.

SOURCE: Play Store

VIA: Engadget