If you were one of those who were wondering when Google Play Games would actually start interfacing with YouTube Gaming, the answer is here and now. With the Google Play Games app, you can now start recording your gameplay – whether on your mobile or tablet – and upload it straight to YouTube Gaming. Pretty nifty for all of you PewDiePie wannabes.

Make sure your Google Play Games app is updated up to the latest version, and then it should be pretty easy. The Play Games app will let you select any game you want to play, do that and then hit the record button. That’s it, actually. You can select settings, like recording gameplay either in 720p or 480p, but that’s icing on the cake, you dig?


Also, the app will let you do commentary and add a PIP video of yourself to your video gameplay – so make sure you wear something decent – by accessing your device’s selfie camera and microphone. After you’ve recorded your failed Clash of Clans raid, you can quickly edit and upload your video to YouTube Gaming, making sure that people will know how not to do a CoC raid.

For sure, this will begin a torrent of gameplay commentaries – but as with everything YouTube, the best ones will tend to stand out, and you can pick to watch and follow those. If you’re serious about doing gameplay videos, Google Play Games has just made it a whole lot easier for you to chase your dream.

SOURCE: Google