Mobile gaming has always been popular, but it has been hitting its stride the past few years. You now see not just games but various communities, tournaments, live streams and other extra stuff enthusiasts can enjoy aside from just the normal gameplay. YouTube launched a new app called YouTube Gaming last September, to ride on the fact that gamers watch more than 144 billion minutes of gaming videos and live streams every month. A new update to the app now brings even more features that gamers and creators will enjoy.

If you want to show off the fact that you’re awesome in the mobile game you’re currently playing, you now have the ability to record and live stream mobile gameplay direct from your Android device. You don’t even need to add any additional software to do so. Just tap on the Go Live button or even just your phone avatar from the game app, and you’ll instantly, well, go live. You can even do live commentary while you’re playing. Just turn on your front-facing cam and then use your smartphone’s built-in microphone.

If you want to support your favorite live streams and video creators, you can now do so with Fan Funding and Sponsorships available on the YouTube Gaming app itself. If you do a monthly payment to the channel or creator you wish to support, you can receive additional perks like a live chat badge that the creator chose for you himself/herself, and even the chance to chat with him/her/them exclusively. For now, this is still limited to a small group of creators because they’re still beta testing, but they will expand the list later on.

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Other new features in the update include better ways of seeing if there are live streams of the games in your collection, Watch Later feature just like in the regular YouTube app, imprint existing subscriptions from main YT channels, and improved performance of course. You can download the YouTube Gaming app from the Google Play Store for free.