Starting today all you book lovers and reading fanatics have a few more options from the folks at Google and their Play Store. Today they announced that Google Books will now be available for pre-order. The “New and coming soon” section will now show upcoming books before they hit the store, and users anxious to virtually flip through those pages can pre-order and get it right on release day.

Most pre-orders for things of this nature come along with a little discount, but so far we aren’t seeing anything to suggest such a discount from Google. Personally I’m not sure the point of this, considering ebooks are virtually endless while actual devices aren’t. If they are adding a pre-order system, they should do it for the Nexus 4. Feel free to insert a joke here on how the Play Store handled that situation the past few weeks.

Play Store troubles aside, this is another step for the Google Play Store as a whole and hopefully options such as this will be arriving for more than just books. Books are probably their smallest category so they’re testing the waters here first. We could see albums getting the same fate soon, followed by magazines and hopefully one day devices.

It looks like all you bookworms and Twilight fans will soon be able to pre-order each new book with ease. Again we don’t seem to see any discount for such a system, but at least this is in place and being tested by Google. Once they move this over to music, movies, and devices we’ll be happy. Keep it simple Google, we don’t want to overload the Play Store again. Check out the new, upcoming, and available for pre-order books from the link below.

[via Play Store Books]