Google’s Android Market, now known as the Play Store doesn’t offer all of its services across the globe. While many have been waiting for movies and music in other parts of the world, we’ve had it stateside all along. Today however Google has just added Germany to their list and are now offering Google Books to the country. This is a small update, but one of many we’ve seen recently.

These posts usually always have a few angry readers from other parts of the world, and that is understandable but Google has been making slow but steady progress. Recently they added 4 countries to the Play Store seller list, Australia got movie rentals, and they’ve even expanded full carrier billing.

Obviously there are still millions of people without these options, and hopefully they’ll continue to update and add more at a fast pace. For now however, those in Germany can now enjoy all the Books that the Google Play Store has to offer. Google Books is available in Germany for the web, Android, and that other iOS option. Enjoy!

[via Google]