The Google Play Awards have become a yearly tradition since it was started in 2016. Google wanted to recognize top apps and games for Android available on the Play Store, and so they put out these awards. As it happens, the mothership has now announced the nominees for the 2018 edition, and they are interesting to say the least. There are also several new categories in the awards that focus on recent trends.

Unlike the 2017 edition, the nine categories for this year are a bit different. Google has chosen to focus on different areas rather than platforms. These categories include well-being, accessibility, and social impact. For the trendy stuff, Google has combined the AR and VR category, and they have decided to scrap the award for either Wear OS or TV. Also, there is no award for the best outright app or game, which is a change from the norm.

From last year’s categories, they’ve carried over Standout Indie and Standout Startup. Joining the “startup” are will be awards for Standout Well-Being App and Standout Build for Billions Experience. There are five “best” awards, including AR/VR, Accessibility Experience, Social Impact, Community Building Game, and Breakthrough Hit. To check the full list of nominees, click on the source link below.

Also breaking tradition, the winners will not be announced during I/O 2018. They will be announced a day before the developer conference kicks off, giving the awards dedicated airtime. The Play Store already has the apps in a collection that you can check out here.

SOURCE: Google