Backup. Backup. Backup. We’ll never get tired of telling you to save and backup your data because you know, in the tech world, anything can happen. In our experience, we never really liked losing photos and videos because we’re talking about memories. Good thing there are online storage services like Google Photos that allow us to save as many files in one, easily accessible place. The tech giant has aimed for Google Photos to safely store memories and it’s doing so in two ways–in High Quality and in Original Quality.

Saving photos in either quality is up to you. We recommend HQ but we understand it takes too much space.

There is another option: Express backup. This option in Google Photos is now available in India as we learned last year.

Google Photos is ready in India but some users have been experiencing some problems. There have been reports backup is taking longer than usual. With Express backup, the saving process is faster. One downside though is reduced resolution but it’s okay as long as photos are stored in a safe and secure place.

Google India started rolling out Express backup to a small percentage of Google Photos users in the country but it’s now ready for more people. You can still choose to save in High Quality or Original Quality. Data Cap option for backup has also been added as well to limit cellular data as such will benefit users in emerging markets where Internet connection may be slow, difficult, or limited.

SOURCE: Google India Blog