Google’s been on a roll lately with patents and they aren’t slowing down anytime soon, even if a few of those patents are for odd features we might never see in a smartphone. That or Google is taking the way Google Now works to other aspects of our devices. This new patent has our cameras checking GPS and local weather to enable optimal settings for the perfect photo-taking experience.

Yeah, you read that right. According to the USPTO Google’s just applied for a rather odd patent. This patent will use things like GPS, local weather, time of day and more all combined into an application or software built into our camera. The end result of the gathered information will be up to the minute optimal settings for your phone to take the best photo possible.

We’ve heard Google big wigs mention upcoming Nexus devices will have insanely great cameras, and this could just be one step in many to perfecting the mobile cameraman’s daily activities. The patent even covers GPS in a way that the camera app knows if you’re indoors, and if so, adjusts accordingly and increases the ISO for a better image vs being out in the sunlight.


ISO options, white balance, shutter speed and more may all be a factor in this upcoming camera application patent. Something that will make even the worst environment easier for our phones to handle. Automatic and pre-set modes are pretty popular, but Google’s looking to get rid of all that and offer an easier and quicker experience. Pretty interesting to say the least. This would really help Google Glass take better photos and video too, not just our smartphones.

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