Google Passes API Covid Cards

Google has been very helpful especially the past year. It has made a number of adjustments to its products, apps, and services as the world adjusts to the New Normal. We still live in a pandemic world and since early 2020, we have witnessed how big companies adjusted. Last year, Google updated Google Maps to let business owners share changes amidst COVID-19. The tech giant also introduced more COVID-19 resources while YouTube promoted more learning resources. In India, Google launched new features to help in COVID-19 fight.

In the early days of the pandemic, Google shared how to protect yourself online. We also remember the COVID-19 Exposure Notifications settings for the Android phone. Google Maps was updated with filter for hotels for COVID-19 responders. For a time, Play Store approval time became longer as more COVID-19 apps were being screened.

Google News delivered localized and organized COVID-19 information. Google Maps was once again added with COVID layer to get a better picture in the area. Google was also noted to be adding COVID-19 details to travel searches.

A few weeks ago, we mentioned Google was automatically installing Massachusetts’ contract tracing app. Now we’re learning Passes API is being updated to store COVID vaccination. The change also includes testing information on Android devices. This update is being implemented in the US as a simple and secure way to save COVID vaccination details.

You can store test cards on Android devices if you are part of a government agency or a healthcare organization that distributes COVID vaccines. Simply put, Google wants you to take advantage of the Android system. The rollout will happen in the US first before it’s implemented in other countries.

The idea is that a user will store his Covid Card on the phone complete with details. This can then be accessed even offline. It is password protected and can also be accessed on another device but must be stored manually.