We can’t really say that the world is opening up again since vaccines are still not available to large percentage of populations globally. But there is some light at the end of the tunnel for some regions and so people might start planning trips again soon. With that in mind, Google is now adding some COVID-19 related information specific to countries and states in the U.S so you’ll know what to expect for your post-vaccination vacations that will happen soon, hopefully.

When you search for travel information like flights, hotels, things to do, and other related queries, Google Search shows if there are any COVID-19 related advisories or restrictions in that area. Now they’re also adding more details that you may need before finalizing your travel plans. You’ll see things like travel restriction details, quarantine information if needed, or whether you need to provide proof of immunization or test results. You’ll have to scroll down the results to see the information highlighted with the red COVID-19 alert button.

If you want to be updated on whether advisories or restrictions will be lifted or modified. You need to be signed in to your Google account and you will need to toggle on the “Receive an email of this guideline changes.” The updates will be country-specific and if you’re looking for information within the U.S, state-specific information will be available. For example, searching for “hotels in Bangkok” will tell you you that “quarantine for 10 days required on arrival”.

Before this pandemic, you probably visited google.com/travel a lot and not you’ll see a redesigned Explore tab there. They’ve added smaller cities and national parks and you’ll be able to filter destinations based on your interest like outdoors, beaches, or skiing. You’ll also see information about travel restrictions when you search for a certain destination. You’ll also see things like hotels, things to do, best time to visit, etc.

Lastly, Google Maps can now help you figure out the best ways to stop along your road trip. Just type in your final destination on your desktop and choose what kind of places you’d like to visit like hotels, parks, campgrounds, etc. Then you can add the stops you want to take and then send the directions to your phone through text, email, or directly to the Google Maps app. While you’re on your trip, you can make changes, add new stops, or remove previously scheduled stops.


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