Google’s home-grown deal engine Google Offers is getting a mobile makeover. Google released its first official app for the service in the Android Market today, and you can download it now for free. The local-driven deal finder has been available for a while on the web and via an email list, but now you can get live updates sent directly to your phone. Keen-eyed readers will note that yet again the Ice Cream Sandwich interface makes an appearance, just like in recent updates to Google Reader and Google+.

Probably the most useful feature is the live update that appears in your status bar. It’s basically an alternative to Google Offers’ daily email, and should help some of us cut down on the volume in our Gmail accounts. Featured Offers and Recent offers are available, though it has to be said that the local listings aren’t nearly as comprehensive as Groupon or Living Social, which both offer their own local deal apps.

Upon installing, Google Offers immediately uses your location to recommend local deals. An integrated QR code reader will let you see if there’s a better price available online, and thankfully, you can disable the notifications if you want to browse deals passively. The app automatically keeps track of the offers you’ve redeemed in the “My Offers” section. Initial reviews are overwhelmingly positive, so why not give it a try – you’ve got nothing to lose but retail prices.