It appears as if Google has rolled out the latest addition for Google Now. The latest goodie is recipe recommendations and of course, comes in addition to the numerous other Google Now changes and updates we have seen over the past few days. This latest is basically just another card option and will work similarly to others. Those using Google to search for recipes should start noticing the new card option in Google Now.

The card will come in the “continue researching” style that we suspect many Google Now users have already seen. Just another way Google Now is proving useful for many. Granted, recipes may not be what everyone needs, however we suspect those who are searching for some may find this beneficial. Nothing to do in order to get started, this is just one that will work its way in.

Some of the other “continue researching” items that you may notice in Google Now includes popular photo spots, travel routes and apparently in my case, “beaches and islands” though this proves to be a case of Google not always being perfect considering my search items were for an upcoming local 5k run. Regardless, as a Google Now user, these little tweaks and additions are welcomed.


Otherwise, looking back over the past few days and we have seen Google add a Now widget as well as movie passes from Fandango, movie ratings from Rotten Tomatoes, real estate listings from Zillow, support for US college sports and a music button when a song is playing in voice mode. Lastly, and maybe a bit more exciting for some, Google Now has also begun showing the Google Doodles.

[via Droid-Life]