We know you guys all love the custom and ever changing Google Doodle artwork that graces the front page of Google from time to time, and now we can enjoy it on our mobile devices in another way. For those running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Google Now has received a little update behind the scenes that wasn’t mentioned in yesterdays update. We now get Google Doodles right on our phone too.

Google Now has had nice artwork in the past, but unless you resided in a major city like New York, LA, Las Vegas, and a few others you were greeted with a generic image of some mountains or the sunset. Today however we can now confirm Google Now syncs and will show the Google Doodle just like on the web. Today we have a fun little carnival, although it doesn’t move like Google’s homepage on a PC.

The image above is today’s Google Doodle, which I’m enjoying on my Galaxy Nexus this afternoon. This was already available in the browser, but now we have it on Google Now. This Doodle is celebrating two things. One being George Ferris with a few ferris wheels, as well as Valentine’s Day with a little warm-felt heart in the middle.

Now instead of just a little variety during the day, we get the same fun and informational Doodles as the web version. I’m still hopeful that eventually Google will make them interactive but that probably isn’t coming any time soon. So next time you’re busy dictating your Google Search, take a few moments out of your busy day and enjoy the Google Doodle on your Android phone or tablet. It’s the little things Google. We like it, it’s a nice touch!

— Thanks to all who sent this in!