Google has announced that Product Listing Ads are now going to begin showing for smartphone users around the world. What this means in simpler terms, is that users will begin seeing a “Shop on Google” section at the top of certain search results. Basically, this announcement just continues the experience that many have already seen on the desktop and tablet search results.

Once you click into the “Shop on Google” section the results will shift from being search like to a more commercial format. In other words, they will shift from having a title, URL and description to being a product name along with some pricing and place to purchase. You will also notice more images on the shopping page. All said and done, even with an accidental click on the “Shop on Google” link — there should be no confusing where you end up.

Google has said these are rolling out globally and we can confirm seeing some here in the US. Searching using the above example for “plaid tie” does give results as shown. Some of our other searches failed to show results just yet. Of course, with this just coming active today, that is not all that surprising and is likely to change over time.

Otherwise, Google also recently updated the Shopper app for Android users. That update arrived a few days back and brought changes to include larger product images in the slideshow view, a new category results page that shows the most popular products and improvements in terms of stability and overall performance. This Shopper update can be found by way of the Google Play Store and the changes dealing with the Product Listing Ads will be found when searching Google on a smartphone browser.

[via Google Inside AdWords]