While we see updates for tons of apps on a daily basis when there is nearly 700,000 in the Play Store, today a few noteworthy apps all received updates. We figured a quick round up regarding all the updates from Google, as well as Adobe Reader was in order so you all know what to expect, and to see what’s new. Google updated three apps today, although mostly just minor changes.

We’ll start with Adobe Reader since it is on the same level as Google Maps and Facebook with over 100m downloads on the Play Store. Today Adobe updated their popular reader app and it’s slowly but surely becoming better than even their desktop version. Text reflow could still use some work but the new reader now has sync last position from Acrobat.com, go to page, previous locations, smart zoom features, support for Google cloud print and more. Adobe really stepped it up with this one.

Adobe Reader link

Then Google updated three of their applications today, although Play Music is probably the more popular of the bunch. Google Play Music saw a very minor update and all the change-log states is bug fixes, so there’s nothing to see there folks. Then Google Shopper was also updated today. Which is interesting considering we’ve been hearing they’ll offer their own Amazon Prime type same-day shipping service soon.

Google Shopper has larger product images in the new slideshow view when searching for a product, they’ve added a most popular results page to searches too. Then improvements system wide to search, location, and general stability. Lastly Google Talkback was updated though, although many won’t notice it. The helpful app for the visually impaired added auditory icons to all versions of Android, something that should be super helpful for those in need. Then there’s a whole array of changes for older Android versions. Get them all below and enjoy!

Google Play Music link
Google Shopper link
Google Talkback link