However different Google I/O is from all the other tech conferences, there’s no denying that most of you would like to go to I/O 2017 if given the chance. That is, even if it will be held in the outdoor Shoreline Amphitheater on May 17 to 19 – and by “outdoor”, we mean that yes, you will have to bring a hat or some sunscreen lotion. We have the ticket application details here, so hold on to your horses.

The ticket application for Google I/O 2017 opened at 1OAM PST on February 22 and will last until 5PM PST on February 27. Never mind that people applied ahead of you or that you are only hearing of this now. As per usual, it doesn’t matter how early or late you applied – just that you did. Potential applicants will be chosen at random once the drawing application window has ended.

The Shoreline Amphitheatre is of course located in Mountain View, California. Again, we stress that this event series will be held outdoors. Most probably in the sun. We mention this because you might be used to most developer conferences, which are generally held indoors.

If you’re planning to go, then better head on to the Google I/O page to apply for a ticket. Applying early or late won’t affect your chances of getting one, so just go over and apply – and hope that it’s your lucky year this year.

VIA: SlashGear