The Google Now easter eggs just keep coming. This time, Google takes a SciFi approach to their fun and games. If you get into Google Now and ask it “When am I?”, the result may surprise you. Google Now really has this contextual info thing down.

Rather than get confused and simply offer web results, Google Now’s calming voice tells you “The present, of course. TARDIS functionality is still undergoing development. Sorry.” Dr. Who fans will, of course, get the joke. What we here at Android Community find are clues. Deep rooted clues, offering a glimpse at Google’s future, and maybe ours, too.

To start, we’re now convinced that the rumored “space elevator” is really a time machine. We also learn from these clues, which lay out like breadcrumbs to the truth, that Googlers working at Google X labs mostly watch Dr Who and try to emulate what they see. Sergey Brin, thankfully, is still Tony Stark — that’s irrefutable.

Really, it’s just a fun little trick Google built in to entertain us, if only for a minute. It’s also good to see Siri isn’t the only one with snappy comebacks these days. We really like that on top of the voice readout, we get results for anything having to do with “time”, like Time magazine, or Google+ postings mentioning time. Even in jest, Google Now is still really functional.

VIA: Phandroid