Google’s Android event is scheduled for Monday, October 29th, but we’re still seeing loads of leaks and tips come in before the big day. Earlier today we got our first look at the Samsung Nexus 10, and now we’re getting another look at one more thing Google could be announcing come Monday. Meet the Nexus Wireless Charging Pad!

Lately we’ve seen a few fakes appear in the world of “leaks” so we should all take this picture with a pretty decent size grain of salt — but then again it could very well be real. The folks from TechnoBuffalo reported this as the real deal, basically confirming wireless charging rumors, but nothing has been confirmed.

What we see above is essentially a wireless charging pad for the LG Nexus 4, or possibly the entire upcoming Nexus line. That means the LG Nexus 4 and possibly the Samsung Nexus 10 will both work with the wireless inductive charging pad. This technology is nothing new, and has slowly been a possibility but we’ve not seen it take off yet like many had expected.

This will be an optional accessory most likely, and it still requires a power cable to be plugged in but we’re not seeing that in this suspect image. The picture does have some fuzzy out of focus edges, and why it curves in like an orb on bottom has us questioning if it’s real. The LG Nexus 4 doesn’t have a removable back so we can’t see Google offering new back covers along with this accessory. Some FCC reports suggested the Nexus had wireless charging included but for now we can’t be certain. What we do know however, is all will be revealed come Monday by Google themselves so stay tuned right here at Android Community!


  1. Why not let me just drop my phone in a cradle instead? (LIke I can already do, and have been for years.)

    The phone sits upright where I can actually see/use it WHILE it charges.

    Not a single wire between the phone and the charger. (Just like wirelessly.)
    A cable only between the charger and the wall plug. (Just like wirelessly.)

    Total cost: $10


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