Apparently, the Google Nexus One, is getting so much attention, that many are saying it will be THE new Jesus phone. I don’t know about that, but tnkgrl who has spent some time playing with this Android 2.1 smartphone seems to think it beats the iPhone.

Unfortunately, photos weren’t allowed, but apparently, she had a blast playing with the device. According to her, the Nexus One is extremely thin – she didn’t compare side by side, but thinks is a little thinner than the iDon’t – and is much nicer looking in person than in pictures. She confirms the phone in its present form can use 3G on T-Mobile, but only EDGE on AT&T. The device she played with came with a 4GB micro-SD card installed, but nobody knows if that will be the case with a production model. The battery’s capacity is 1400 mAh, which many believe it won’t be enough for such a device.

The screen on the Google Nexus One appears to be OLED, there’s no dedicated camera key on this phone, and it feels faster than the Droid. There is a micro-USB connector for both, data and power, and at the bottom edge, there are some golden connections, perhaps for a dock, or a car kit? Well, what do you think folks, the way I see it, this new Android phone seems to be heading to T-Mobile, which is great for them and their subscribers, not so much for the rest of us who like to get this phone through another carrier. One thing that many will hate, is that there’s no multitouch support in the browser or in Google Maps.