Carphone Warehouse announced that in the short time it has carried the Google Nexus 7, it has quickly become its best-selling Android tablet. This is not them calling it the best-selling Android tablet currently; it is the best-selling one in the history of the retailer. This just shows how the market is moving towards the more affordable, 7-inch tablet models and the power of the Google branding.

Of course, this is just one retailer, so it may not be indicative of the market as a whole. That being said, Carphone Warehouse are the UK’s largest independent mobile retailer, so chances are great that the cross-section offered here is pretty valid of the market as a whole, at least in the UK. Besides the Nexus 7, Carphone Warehouse confirmed that it’s been seeing increased demand for smaller, cheaper tablets a whole.

The Kindle Fire HD is launching soon in the UK. This could cause a swing in the market, as the devices offer similar features and come in at around the same price point. Either way, taking over the market from a major retailer is no small feat, especially when you consider the short time the device has been on the market.

Nexus 7 could see its sales grow even more with rumors abounding about a new 32GB version hitting the market and replacing the 16GB version. If this happens, and buyers can grab double the memory for the exact same price, the Nexus 7 could extend it’s choke-hold on the small tablet market even further. We will keep you posted with that, and other Nexus 7 news as it develops.

[via The Telegraph]


  1. My Nexus 7 is a dream. It goes with me everywhere it is so convenient to us. it is my daily driver and I will never go back to a smaller screen. It fits in my pocket and I can do so much with it. I am so loving this tablet I will get 10 inch one if its available.

    • I feel (felt) the same about mine until I sat on it. I had it in my pocked and cracked the screen! HaHa! However, I do plan on purchasing another.


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