It looks like Google could be bringing a 32GB version of its Nexus tablet to market as soon as this week. In a tip to ITProPortal from a person close to UK retailer Argos, they revealed that they plan to add the Nexus 7 to its Christmas gift guide, which hits the shelves this week. Shortly after, Spanish retailer Phone House added a preorder page offering the same device for £279 ($361.64).

The report from Argos says that the device will retail for £199.99 (@$259.23). Phone House is asking a full £80 more than the price confirmed by Argos. The Argos report claims that this new 32GB model will replace the 16GB version, so that is why they expect it to go for the same price.

Many retailers have been dropping the price of the 16GB version, which further shows the likelihood of a 32GB version hitting the market just in time for the holidays. Google has not officially confirmed the existence of a 32GB version of the popular tablet. Asus has also not said a word about the official existence of this device.

Only time will tell if the 32GB Nexus 7 is officially hitting the market, but reports from two major retailers happening at around the same time seems like too big of a coincidence. Hopefully, with these reports breaking, Google or Asus will step up and make an official announcement soon. Either way, we will keep you posted on all the latest Nexus 7 as it happens.

Source: Omio and ITProPortal