It looks like slowly but surely Google’s Nexus devices are returning back to stock in the Google Play Store. Well, the Nexus 10 tablet is at least. The Nexus 4 is still hard to catch, although it arrived earlier this week at Best Buy and T-Mobile stores. Yesterday the Nexus 10 returned to “in stock” and we urge you to snag one now before they’re all gone.

Earlier this week Google’s 16 and 32GB Nexus 10 came back into stock, but currently it’s still listed as Shipping soon rather than fully in stock. Currently all other hardware is missing in action and not available, so get it while you can. The only problem being the shipping status is still anyone’s guess. Shipping soon could mean anything at this point.

We’ve been hearing rumors that Google and Samsung could earlier be improving the Nexus 10, or releasing a new model instead. Rumors have it that they could be pushing their Exynos 5 quad-core processor under the hood, but for now that’s only a rumor. For now this is the only version available so might as well grab one.

Google has struggled to keep up with demand, to put it lightly, and we’re unsure just how long the Nexus 10 will remain in stock before running out again. We’ve heard rumors Google didn’t anticipate the demand for their Nexus 4 and 10, but being priced so low it was pretty expected. For those still looking to grab one, head to the Play Store as we speak and snatch one up today.

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