The Google News app is getting an overhaul and we knew about it since last week. We said it’s going to use better AI to find the best of human intelligence. The app has just been updated. If you may remember, the Google Play Newsstand has been integrated into the Google News. The app now features a new and cleaner look for a better reading experience. Upon checking the newsfeed, you will see top five stories. Click on one and you will be directed to the story.

The mobile app lets you know more about a story in one place as all coverage is saved there. You can see different analysis, perspectives, FAQs, and events related to a news story. If you wish to read more news, feel free to subscribe to credible sources with one click of a button.

The latest update is major because before this, the last UI update was almost a year ago. And before that one was in 2016 when the ‘Fact Check’ tag was added to published articles.

Google News continues to organize the stories from all over the world in one place but it shows only those things that the system thinks matter to the user.

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