The past few days we’ve seen several announcements about new features rolling out to Google Nest devices soon. This last quarter of 2021 will see new features coming to Chromecast with Google TV, Nest Hubs, and Nest WiFi, a lot of it globally while some will roll out to the U.S first. With the upcoming holiday shopping season, Google wants to remind its Nest community about all of the things coming to these devices that will benefit current users as well as those planning to make purchases in the next few months.

We’ve gone into detail about the new things coming to the Google TV platform here but you might need a quicker summary. Basically, you can create now up to 12 unique profiles on devices running on Google TV, including the new Chromecast. This will bring personalized recommendations and Google Assistant responses and separate watchlists. You will also get glanceable cards in ambient mode so you can quickly see recommendations, sports scores, news, weather, shortcuts to music, podcasts, and photos.

Chromecast with Google TV will also now let you use your mobile phone as your virtual remote control. You’ll be able to easily navigate through apps and content and search through all the streaming services you have without using another external device. Just go to the Google TV mobile app on your Android device and you can use the virtual remote that is built into it. It will also roll out soon on the Google Home app.

If you have a Nest Hub, you’ll be able to see your Google Photos memories in the “Your day” tab. This way you don’t have to open your phone or tablet if you want to see those photos but just tap on the tab as you go through whatever it is you’re doing in and around the Nest Hub. It was also previously announced that Google Assistant can now communicate better in Spanish on the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. Just switch to Spanish in the Languages setting in your Google Home app.

For those who are still working and studying from home and use Nest WiFi, your network will now be able to automatically prioritize video calls. Whether you’re using Google Meet, Zoom, or other video calling services, Google says you will be less likely to drop or freeze while you’re in a call. Expect these new features to roll out in the next two months.