If you live in a house with other people and you’re using a single smart TV, chances are your streaming services’ algorithm will be all over the place. Well, that is if each person has different tastes in entertainment. If your device is running on Google TV, you will soon get your very own profile which will give a more tailored experience for each person that has their profile on the platform. This will be available on the newer Chromecast device as well as smart TVs from Sony and TCL that are running on Google TV.

Basically, what it will do is let people sign in with their own Google account on Google TV. The profiles will let household members create their own personalized space so that each one will be able to get their own recommendations, watchlist, and even help from Google Assistant. When you create a profile, the algorithm will learn your interests and preferences so it can give recommend what it thinks you’ll like. You can also create a kids profile so only age-appropriate content will show up in their feed.

Each profile can save movies and shows to their own watchlist and it will be saved on your own space, separate from the other people’s watchlists. So no overlapping of K-dramas, horror movies, and Coco Melon. Well, unless one person is into all three of course. And since this is linked to your Google account, you’ll get personalized answers to queries to Google Assistant, like “Hey Google, what should I watch next?”

Ambient mode will also now have more personalized information and recommendation, apart from your Google Photos memories. You will now also be able to see things like the weather, news, sport stats, and other information that you’ll be able to see with “glanceable cards”. It will also display shortcuts to things like podcasts, music, or photos, all of which are based of course on your Google account.

Support for profiles and these glanceable cards in ambient mode will roll out to Google TV soon. The former will be available globally while the latter will start rolling out in the U.S first. They are also adding Philo into their Live TV features, joining YouTube TV and Sling TV. Just go to the Live TV tab and add your Live TV provider.


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