Vincent is at the Mobilize conference in San Francisco today, and Google’s Rich Miner took to the stage to discuss not only Android but the change in the mobile industry and the platforms it uses as a whole. As you might imagine, open-access is a common theme; both of platforms, such as Google’s own Linux-based offering, and of internet access (the so-called “walled garden” versus “being able to go anywhere you want”).

Miner described his key motivation for Android’s development as being joining up the dots between different mobile applications. His illustration was Google Maps and integration with a handset’s contacts book, and that users should be able to choose an address and automatically see it mapped out.

Some of the legacy-free coding that PacketVideo’s Joel Espelien talked about recently was also discussed, with Miner suggesting that the Android team had picked “best in class” providers to add their technology. He credits that for the strict timetables and the team’s ability to keep to them.

Check out the two parts of the video for full details of the half-hour keynote. 

You can track more of our coverage of Mobilize over at Phone Magazine. Alternatively, watch the video as it happens at


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