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The pandemic has resulted to a lot of new programs, services, and apps to help people all over the world communicate with more efficiency. Zoom quickly became popular in the early days of lockdowns but Google soon responded with Google Meet. It’s mainly the old Hangouts program that has been updated to keep up with the demands of the consumers. For a time, Google Meet’s free users are able to enjoy the unlimited group video calls. Sadly, the offer is about to end.

The pandemic isn’t over yet but many people have started to go back to their offices. Physical gatherings are now allowed in most cities. Vaccination rollout is also progressing. This means the need for online meetings and related software is going down.

Hangouts was rebranded to Google Meet last year. The app did receive several updates like tiled gallery view for up to 16 people, low-light mode to video conferencing, blur and custom backgrounds, noise filter, attendance reports, and 60-minute limit for free users.

Google Meet free users can still take advantage of unlimited video calls but with only one other user. You can also set unlimited number of meetings. You can also use adjustable layouts, live captions, and the ability to join a meeting with only a web browser.

Google actually already extended free “unlimited” Google Meet calls until March 2021. And then it was extended to June. There will be no more extension for Google Meet free users. There is a one hour limit. If you wish to use the app for longer hours, you can pay the $7.99 monthly fee.


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