We’re pretty sure you’ve imagined a digital, touchscreen whiteboard that can be used in school or in the office during meetings. Right now, that board is an essential fixture for any organization. All those things written on the board can be quickly erased so to save those ideas, you snap a photo. And now, here enters Google with a new hardware offering that we know will be useful but not really sure if will sell a lot because of the high price tag.

Google has recently launched Jamboard. It’s a 55-inch whiteboard that features the G Suite and offers cloud connectivity. This brings your ideas and plans up there in the “cloud” so you can access them anytime, anywhere. This digitally connected whiteboard is another attempt by Google to launch hardware after the Google Home, Google Wifi, OnHub, and the Google Pixel and Pixel XL duo.

Google’s product offering for the office is quite expensive with a $6,000 price tag. It’s a 4K display with touchscreen capabilities. It’s more like a huge tablet that’s propped up on the wall, allowing everyone to collaborate, draw, and illustrate.


Jamboard works in the cloud so people can work with anyone even remotely. You can “jam” now with your workmates and collaborate on a project in real-time. Google describes this as a cloud-first whiteboard that aims to improve collaborative creativity as made possible by the G Suite.

The Jamboard works with a tablet or smartphone companion app so you can access remotely. Feel free to share your ides, images, slides, sheets, or any documents stored in Drive. You can also use stencils and sticky notes so you can add to the digital board. The Jamboard also includes speakers, Wi-Fi, HD camera, and precise touchscreen capability.

SOURCE: G Suite Updates, The Keyword