Chromebooks have this distinct advantage over traditional Windows and Mac laptops in this – they have the capability to run Android apps. Developers find it more and more relevant to make sure their apps will run on a Chromebook, but there’s no real way to test their apps other than buying a Chromebook for themselves.

This is why a recent pull request on the Android emulator section of the AOSP repository that shows Google may soon offer Chrome OS images for download is very significant. This will allow app developers to run an emulated copy of Chrome OS to test Android apps with.

They will be able to use these images on Android SDK, the Android development kit created and maintained by Google. Once you install the SDK, developers can download an Android emulator to test their apps on a wide variety of Android versions, screen size, and hardware platforms. The Chrome OS images may be a part of the emulated platforms here soon.

This might not be such a big thing for users, but for developers, this gives them a chance to make their apps easier and friendlier to run on Chromebooks.

VIA: Android Police